Socket Workbench

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The main features of Socket Workbench include:

  • Analyze socket communications as a socket client or a socket server
  • Includes a customable library of common TCP/IP based protocols including SMTP, HTTP, FTP, SOAP and web services.
  • Allows for "stress testing" of socket client and servers
  • Data being sent through the socket can be "linked" to a file. When the contents of the file changes, the data is automatically re-read and transmitted.
  • Data can be scheduled to be sent at regular intervals.
  • Data sent in a previous session can be reselected at a press of a button.
  • Allows the analysis of the e-mail (SMTP), HTTP, Time Of Day, FTP, and any other socket based communication protocol.
  • Data can be analyzed using either a raw, binary, octal, decimal or hexadecimal format.
  • All incoming and outgoing data can be logged with a time stamp.
  • All socket state transitions and Socket Workbench events can be logged. This helps to reproduce bugs while testing socket communications.
  • Handles the input, display and logging of binary and ASCII data.
  • On-line, case sensitive help
  • Contains 7 pre-defined configurations to help you get under way as soon as possible.
  • Incoming data can be filtered.
  • Includes a library of well-known numbers for tcpip ports.
  • In server mode, allows any number of clients to connect.
  • Allows socket data to be split into messages and fields.